Counseling Center

Elementary counseling attempts to  help all children get the most out  of school.  
Your support and cooperation can help make your child’s school  years a rewarding experience.  It is our hope that parents and students  feel free to use these services. I look for ward to working with you. I can be contacted by phone or by email. 

Name: Jordan Rayburn
Phone: 504-678-7129

 What does a school counselor do?   
 For Students:   For Parents:  Services:  
  • Friendships
  • Working well with others
  • Setting goals
  • Self confidence
  • Adjusting to a new school
  • Decision making
  • Managing feelings
  • Dealing with peer pressure and bullying 
  • Exploring ways to help your child succeed
  •  Improving parent-child communication
  • Referrals for community resources 
  • Understanding the developmental change of childhood
  •  Supplying reference materials
  •  Providing information to help understand your child's unique needs 
  •  504 plan coordination
  • Individual student counseling 
  • Group counseling 
  • Brief Solution-Focused Counseling 
  • Classroom presentations 
  • Community resource referrals 
  • 504 caseload management 
  • Intervention tracking 
  • Development of a guidance plan based on campus needs 
  • Response to student needs in crisis situations 
  • Support for absentees and at risk students
  • Conferences/consultations with parents and teachers 
  • Analyzation of data to provide information about abilities and achievement 
  • Coordination of peer helper programs 

Please Note: School counselors do not provide "therapy" or "traditional counseling." Referrals for outside services are available for children experiencing grief, divorce, family separation, deployment, or mental health concerns.